Welcome to the Asylum

by 4Shadows

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released July 4, 2013



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4Shadows Seattle, Washington

No brakes. No map. No going back.

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Track Name: Welcome to the Asylum
c'mon! we're late! wake up!
it's time to go... CRAZY!

c'mon! let's go! we're late...
for the asylum!
Track Name: Poke A Hole
i can't poke a hole in the pipe

'it becomes so hard
i don't know where
i stick it in
ain't going nowhere

been clogged too long
well alright!
i can't put a hole
in the pipe

it's been a long long time
since i saw the light
it's clogged

i tried to work it in
i can't get past the bowl
oh no!

i been working for a long time
but i can't put a hole
...in the pipe!

i can't put a hole
i can't go home
i been around
for far too long

i can't put a hole
in the pipe

nothing ever
works out right
Track Name: Have You Lived Too Long?

this is a smokebreak song
have you lived too long?
smokebreak song
have you lived too long?

you gotta smoke with me
cigarette trigger i been waiting

gotta smoke with me
i'm really fucked up

have you lived too long?
have you ever really lived...
from Z to A!

have a cigar
smoke a pipe

it's your life!
Track Name: New York City
** WATCH http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xaYORrOA15I **

penthouse is very tall
he can hear the rats in the wall

new york city

come on back to my place
it's over there on 68th
very nice, we're gonna...

there's a cockroach
on my toothbrush!
it won't be there
in the morning

i like the way you cross
your legs so high up

new york city

see that truck?
i hope it's not
a bomb waiting
to go off

new york city

i've been told
you're so different
from the other guys
i've led here

i wanna take you home
and wrap you up
throw you
in the closet

new york city
Track Name: Legacy
smoke breaks in the east
windows crash at their feet
we must make the town clean
for our legacy

our legacy!

the boys and the girls
the girls and the boys
the girls and the girls
the boys and the boys

the boys and the boys
the girls and the girls
the girls and the boys
the boys and the girls


boys, girls
girls, boys

anne frank is waiting
--no, don't worry
you will be clean
you will be free

the boys and the girls...
Track Name: Placebo Side Effect
i thought i was cured for a moment
then i began to feel... SOMETHING'S WRONG!

placebo... side effect!

may cause itching burning hallucinating
embarrassed yearning everybody's hard
doing things, earning

itching sweating nausea diarrhea forever

impersonating an officer
elucidating charlie chaplin

may cause yearning
may cause burning
may cause longing

orangutan, orangutans, salamander, ai weiwei

itching burning dysentery malaria

hallucinating yetis
impersonating yetis
endless cookies!

bleeding from the eyes
ears nose throat
impersonating a boa

itching burning
itching burning
can't stop staring
Track Name: Worse Things You Can Do
they've got worse things to do
worse things to do that they enjoy
more than a good thing
because a good thing takes too long

worse things you can do
worse things you can enjoy
the worse it gets
the more you like it

you are conditioned
in a class room
shut up sit down
raise your hand
if you've got anything to offer
but it's ok if you never lift a finger

worse things you can do
and i think you'll enjoy them
Track Name: Going Down River
we were going down the road
we were flying all around the soul
we were walking up the river of our minds

we saw some things
that looked unfamiliar

we were walking
down the river
of our minds