Sledge Hammer Cupcake

by 4Shadows

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Dedicated to Rich and Sarah Lehl on their 17th wedding anniversary.
Sorry none of the songs we made up for you turned out to be worthy.


released December 18, 2016

Improvised live by Kitchen Millis Wainwright Zverina
at The Vault, Seattle Sunday December 18, 2016 as
USA slowly circled drain. Produced by




4Shadows Seattle, Washington

No brakes. No map. No going back.

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Track Name: fugging fogged
what was that?

i got fogged!
i got fucking fogged!

something's happening!
my skin, my skull!

do i have to make an appointment?

fucking fogged!
he got fucking fogged

3, 4 men in a lifeboat
among the iceborgs

fucking foooooooogggggggged!!!

ow! goddamn!
that made my head hurt

screaming like that
i burst a blood vessel
inside my eggplant skull
is a pomegranate waiting to be born

we got fucking fogged
he got fucking fogged

alright! ahhh!
alright! owwww!

fucking fogged!
fucking fogged!
fucking fogged!

4 men in a lifeboat
among the icebergs
3 out of 4 prefer
to go into the fog

fucking fogged!

your abilities will take you far
concern for the little guy for sure

we don't wanna be
the underdogs for long
we're dog tired
of getting fogged

the fog of law
the fog of war
Track Name: slave revolt
my heart is a universe wide
but there is nothing inside

it's time to rise up
shake the dust from your eyes
how long have you been alive
suckling at their lies?

slave revolt!

i got a backrub from an alien
what do you think about that, mama?

oh yeah, that's right
Track Name: millis had to piss
millis had to piss
millis had to piss


i wouldn't want to miss this
just because i had to piss

don't want to miss the magic moment
of a sweetheart's kiss

millis had to piss
millis had to piss


millis had to piss
millis had to piss

er, this...


Track Name: my leg hurts
my leg hurts
i think it's a curse

my leg doesn't feel good
woke up and it was blue
with green spots
and plants growing out of my feet

don't talk to me
my leg doesn't feel good

my leg… hurts!
my leg huuuuurts

it's only getting worse
c'mon! twerk! twerk!

my leg hurts

back it up
shake it, shake it!

my leg's in pain
i don't have health insurance
so i'm just gonna use vaseline
and vitamin B and hot pockets

my leg, it hurts
my puppet's a flirt

my! leg! hurts!

that's ok, i got some…
maple syrup and a gun

but my arm is alright
but i'm concerned
about the tattoo i got last night

it is of an eagle
fighting a seal
and i don't understand it
it makes no sense

i'm tired, i'm getting tired
i stayed up too late last night
looking at stuff

my leg hurts, my leg hurts
my leg hurts, oooh!

put me in your art show next time would ya?
Track Name: no tacos for jesus
no tacos for jesus
tacos had not been invented
no tacos for jesus

no tacos for jesus
no tacos for jesus
no tacos for jesus
Track Name: simpler times
simpler times

(repeat 71x)
Track Name: santa's in my bed
was he the top or bottom?
was he the top?
was he the bottom?

oh, santa is giving me head
it's all i want for christmas--
santa on his knees in my bed

ok now, let's study the positions
there's multiple combinations

santa's in my bed
i gave him my wishlist
he likes me when i'm bad

santa's in my bed
santa's in my bed
he follows directions well
he came here on his sled

santa's in my b-b-b-b-b-b-bed

santa's in my bed
i finally made his list

make him come again!
make him come again!

santa's in my bed
santa's in my bed
santa's in my bed
Track Name: cultural commodities
auteur cinema
rather self-indulgent
white man fantasies
daydreams on the screen

then came Gerblieps
Gerblieps, Gerblieps
ushering in the era
of the blockbuster

cultural commodities
for you and me
cultural commodities
on the silver screen


make me scream
Track Name: bye bye alibi
america! america!
america, please don't
hit me with a chair

wild world, wild west
world wrestling federation

oh yeah! good guys, bad guys
bad guys are good guys
sometimes i don't mind

piece of shit
could have gold in it

we are traveling
looking for something
maybe we had it
think we might have lost it

didn't know what we had
made us really bad

waking up one morning
not knowing where it went

someone please rescue me
i'm out here on the streets
lights go out and someone screams
now they're running after me

my only alibi
was this crazy guy
now he can't be found
and they're taking the gallows down