by 4Shadows

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chasing a dollar work work work work work work work work work
oh yeah! there might be a better mic in the cabinet in case that one doesn't have it might wanna turn up yr channel i can barely hear what you're putting down might need another mic to get through the night i can hear myself i can hear a ghost somewhere in the closet buried in my clothes got ghosts buried in my clothes
i'm just dumb i'm just dumb yeah, jazz! jazz! i loved my car i loved my girlfriend when i was young we drove around she gave me handjobs until i'd... life was easier before how did we get this far?
they've got a gun pointed at everyone burning homes can't run when it comes when it comes when it comes it comes
hope is a cigarette a little friend when you're by yourself a way to save face hope is no regrets oh so embarrassing should've stayed at home hope hope hope hope hope hope hope hope hope hope hope hope OH SHIT! oh shit the bullshit a bullwhip a sunk ship a bad trip your nose drip OH! now you're on stage can't hear what they say surrounded you feel alone ARGH! hands on your head lay your tongue in bread promised her you'd stay at home hope it's not a parasite hope you've got a satellite hope you ride a carousel home OH AH WHOA hope they match your blood type hope your wrongs are all right hope is just another hole AH-WHOA die die die die die die! die die die die die die die! ...sometime but not tonight but not tonight not tonight
scamnesia 01:56
don't count your chickens --count your blessings! what's the number? what's it matter? no, not at all no numbers no letters no worries at all no clocks no calendars what they good for? no numbers no letters no worries at all no clocks no calendars what they good for?
they put me on the case of the missing easter eggs i'm a private deteggtive you put me on the case it won't be a waste i deliver the goods post haste that easter bunny's got a rap sheet as long as my bar tab comes around here with his basket he takes all our eggs and where does he go? i don't know but i saw him on the beach in mexico where did he put them? i tell ya it's just a scam you put in 12 and get back half a dozen half a dozen you never find where he hid all those eggs try an off-shore account in the cayman islands!
i'm sorry no, i'm the sorriest of all i'm sorry i'm sorry for being alive i'm sorry for being alive i'm sorry for being alive i apologize...
we can all be jesse in the parking lot
the booth brothers were good actors but killing the president isn't the best career move what are you gonna do? you shouldn't have done it but you did it anyway you got in the paper the next day but people forget--meh! you wanted fame you got it in your own way you wanted fame! you got it in your own way!


The reviews are in!
"It makes me want to drive like an old man around Bainbridge searching for Lautrec's while getting a handjob from a woman with a cane riding an Orca in a lava lamp."


released April 16, 2017

Milo R. Blister - most of the guitars, some vocals
Itch Inkwell - lots of bass and some drums, doesn't sing much--sad!
Ratz Riverbone - mostly drums and yelling, broke two bass strings

Recorded live and unrehearsed to Roland R-05 at The Vault, Seattle
Produced by




4Shadows Seattle, Washington

No brakes. No map. No going back.

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