Sealed For Safety

by 4Shadows

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Stay Away 07:07
Stay away from me Stay away from me Stay away from me Stay away from me Stay away from you Until the year twenty twenty two Stay away from me I'll stay away from you I need a six foot radius Thats's what the governor says I cover myself in toilet paper I can't be covered in tin foil I drink lattes! I drink lattes! Stay away from me Get back! Leave me alone I made myself a dress out of toilet paper 3 piece toilet paper suit, walking downtown got my gas mask brief case full of Twix (sausage syrup) Jesus Christ wearing a dust mask (purus jesauce) Crucify the virus Ah check it out Crucify the virus I need a chicken nugget sausage syrup Don't ask me why Don't ask me why Even puppets have to die There's a virus in the White House Stay away from me! Sausage syrup My doctor is a mannequin Virus in the White House Sausage syrup What am I gonna do? Whaddya gotta do? Sausage syrup
Well, it shook my mind It took my money They took my wombat I don't laugh Sure funny They took my money They took my rock collection They know I love a politic mine Everybody took my memory Don't wanna go see Well I took you away trying to poke a hole Everything I believe is a lie In a tie I cry I steal lyrics from cd's I get from the library Why Billy Joel where'd ya go? Song sold down the river Down in Mexico The corpse of democracy! Why not cycle while you go I'll give you anything as you play it The four horsemen are over there And they're smokin' in their underwear I forgot where I was I don't remember Got amnesia That's OK You do too It all works out
Virus Rider 04:07
giddyup now giddyup now giddyup now giddyup now yeah virus rider survive virus giddyup now ride the virus fuck you and the corpse you rode in on i don’t want to catch a cold you're gonna have to sleep outside clean your horse in the moat survive virus survive virus virus survive virus rider the virus giddyup now survivevivrus giddyup now survivevivrus aw giddyup… here’s why you see them move the pieces cz they won’t think let us out what does not have a cause just cut your freedom end off i don’t really care what happens with your virus woo-haw, woo-ho! guddyup now [screaming] virus survive ride [die]
SFNH 08:17
Something 02:34
Mutation 1 01:52
Mutation 2 04:57
Mutation 3 03:04
Mutation 4 08:21
Problems 06:40
How 'bout that? Look over there Whatcha say? I can't hear Fetal alcohol syndrome Where'd she go? West Seattle I gotta problem Maybe two I got so many I don't need you What's her name? Ahh she came And went so fast That I don't that I caught it That I did I forgot it! There's someone in the bushes There's someone in the sky Where's her momma? Where's her dad? Where's her brother? That's so sad! Hope she's alright Alright Don't lose your mind Don't lose your mind Don't lose it Where's she now? No one knows What's she wearing? My clothes Parking lot parking lot Parking lot What else ya got?
When you put me against the wall When the fire is strong And offer me a last smoke I want it ten miles long A cigarette ten miles long Every much desk Request my last Well you can kiss my ass I'm gonna smoke your balls I'm just a little baby Some times I feel like a little boy I want some candy in the sunshine I want chocolate Close my eyes Like a little baby Feel like an embryo sometimes I'm in love with an embryo Around the lake Got my umbilicus Around my neck I'm an overgrown embryo I know what I want I know I wanna go back home I'm tired of shopping Make my own food I"m gonna hook up American corn To You Can I be your embryo? Smoking embryo! Smoking embryo! Embryo smoke Hey where's my pot? Where's my life with an embryo go? Stole my stash, man. Let ya know, Embryo stole my stash Smoking embryo! If you see an embryo Embryo! Tell em where you go Embryo! If he's got a peace pipe Embryo! He's the one I gotta know Embryo! Smoking embryo!
Almost Time 00:57
Virus 09:50
what's going on in my mind? mama, my mind what's going on in my mind baby baby Baby BABY BAAAABBBBYYYY!!!! ain't got time what's in your mind? what's going on in my mind? if i told you once a thousand times one thousand times one thousand times one thousand times Hersheys seizure Hersheys seizure we get high we get high we get high we get hiiiiiiiggghhh will there be a tomorrow? i don't know...


released March 23, 2020

Will Kitchen Drums • Jesse Miller Bass •  Rob Millis Guitar • Matt Wainwright Guitar Keys Vocal • Rob Zverina Keys Boomerang Vocal • Thomas Deuel Trumpet Guitar (track 18) • All tracks made up on the spot •  Culled from Two Sessions • Tracks 1 - 14 Recorded March 8 2020 • Tracks 15 - 18 • Recorded March 15 2020 • Vault Seattle WA USA • Cover illustration Matt Wainwright


all rights reserved



4Shadows Seattle, Washington

No brakes. No map. No going back.

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