Slow Suicide

by 4Shadows

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Butt rock + prog = butt prog
Improvised live and unrehearsed straight to Roland R-05 digital one-track recorder at The Vault, Seattle, summer 2013


released August 2, 2013

Players: Will Kitchen, Robert Millis, Matt Wainwright, Robert Zverina
Produced and designed by Zverina



all rights reserved


4Shadows Seattle, Washington

No brakes. No map. No going back.

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Track Name: Freeloader
looking at my couch
your second cousin
went to school with my mom

looking for a free lunch

looking for a couch
i never asked you in
to my house

looking for a couch
your mom's second cousin
is what you meant

get out of my house!
Track Name: I'm A Puppet
i'm a puppet

pull my string
a human being
pull my string
let's get it on

i'm a puppet

i'll show you
my strings
you show me yours
it's the same thing

i'm a puppet

we're all...
connected to one finger

i've been to aquarium
i've been to zoo
i've been to french museum
been to bank too

i'm a puppet
how about you?

this is where things get weird
golden boy thought he had a better idea
i didn't know what to do about that
i took em all then gave it back!

i'm a puppet

what you see is what you get
what did you expect?
Track Name: Fukushima Fallout
get wild
get wild

something floating in the air
something headed over here
it's coming down everywhere

something in the air
floating up there
something in the air
is coming down everywhere
Track Name: I Wanna Take Some Acid
something very unexpected
what? what?
hey look over there!

i recognized someone
wasn't who i thought
i thought it might've been
but it wasn't
guess i gotta keep on going

where have you been?
Track Name: Slow Suicide
got what you wanted
a lonely blanket
no one
to thank you

you don't know why
she won't spend the night

get out of bed every morning
wonder why you're trying
going around in circles
just to keep on buying

how long?
how long?

keep on buying
don't know why
keep on trying
slow suicide

don't know why
you even try
just to buy
slow suicide

don't know why
i wanna die
but i'm taking my time
slow suicide
Track Name: Immolate Me
it's been a long time
since i attempted suicide
i'm gonna try

have you got a light?

i need a smoke
one last toke
i'm not afraid to die

and when i go
send me up in smoke
when i'm gone
set me down

when i die
put me on the fire
i wanna fly
as the flames rise higher

i'm not afraid to die
hey have you got a light?
got a pack of smokes
and i ain't joking

i'm gonna be cool
as long as this cigarette lasts
and when it's done
i still got half a pack ...yeah

to let you know
send me up in smoke
we all gotta go

might as well
what the hell
what's that smell?

sweet, sweet tobacco

the definition of life
is slow suicide
we all gotta go sometime
hey do you got a light?

let's all have a smoke
Track Name: That's How It Goes
it's the same old story
life is boring

people walk their dogs
on the edge

arugula salad
refrigerator door left open
something is hiding
down in the cellar

had a beautiful dream
nothing was what it seemed
there was water leaking
out of my iPhone

took a ferry
across to new jersey
all the punk rock clubs
were closed

oh yeah
that's how it goes
that's how it goes
that's how it goes

some people are so poor
all they have is money
it's never enough
they always want more stuff

even as it fades from memory

that's how it goes
everybody knows