Into Your Stocking

by 4Shadows

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THIS IS NOT A TRADITIONAL CHRISTMAS RECORD. It is more a hard-rocking satire on religious dogma, empty rituals, and mindless consumerism which can be enjoyed any time of year. 4Shadows play improvised rock which draws on punk, metal, blues, and jazz influences with ironic lyrics that mix absurd poetry with social critique. This anti-Christmas album kicks Santa's ass. Sorry! Get used to it.


released December 25, 2012

Recorded live and unrehearsed at The Vault, Seattle Dec 2, 2012 with no overdubs or mixing.
Players rotate all instruments: Will Kitchen, Jesse Paul Miller, Matt Wainwright, Robert Zverina
Edited and produced by JPM



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


4Shadows Seattle, Washington

No brakes. No map. No going back.

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Track Name: Thank God (I Am An Atheist)
burning red underwater
i'm coming up for air
but i don't know where
i'm diving down...

what's that sound?
a cave is shaking
in the dark

things without eyes
crawling around
always march in time
up and down

are not the only way

another commercial
tv gives marching orders

thank god i'm free
thank god i'm free
from superstition
i don't believe in an old man
watching me from his throne
scowling in derision

thank god i'm an atheist
oh yeah
thank the lord jesus
i am an atheist
i don't believe in myself

thank god i am an atheist
i don't believe that's odd
and i want you to try it

the church of an atheist
is the corner bar
and he worships
at all hours

thank god i am an atheist

i write my own scripture
on toilet paper
every time I shit
yes, so thank god
I am a proud atheist
and i'm not superstitious
we all meet the same end

thank you thank you thank you
thanks a lot
thank god!


she said, keep running!
but.. but... but.. but...
what are we running from?

she said, keep running
just keep running
keep running
just keep running

but... what?

she said, don't die
from lack of motion

keep on running

but what are we running from?
Track Name: Santa Is Coming
christmas, christmas

it only comes once a minute
this time of year
you gotta swim through it
it's a sewer
you call this progress?

christmas, christmas

what do you want for christmas?
have you been behaving yourself?
how much do i owe you?
have you seen my memo?


eight tiny reindeer
eight tiny reindeer
lie dead on the highway
dead on the highway

eight tiny reindeer
pulling santa's sleigh
eight tiny reindeer
lie dead on the highway

it's christmas!
merry christmas
eight tiny reindeer
dead on the highway

santa claus is on a rampage
he just did some cocaine
and he's been snorting it
all his livelong days
but this is the first time
he's smoked it

aw shit, everyone's running for cover
santa wants a new lover
he injected a screw serum
into his wrinkled member

santa is coming!
santa is coming!
santa is coming...

CIA plane full of cocaine
CIA plane full of cocaine
CIA plane full of cocaine
CIA plane full of cocaine

it's christmas it's christmas
it's christmas it's christmas
it's christmas it's christmas
it's christmas it's christmas

just a little bit...
just a little bit...
just a little bit...
Track Name: Holy Relic
Bo Diddley phallus
locked in the kitchen--it's christmas
Bo Diddley's phallus
don't misunderstand

please try to understand
14 billion eyes all dreaming
they see the same moon
and stars in the sky

they close their eyes
when they go to sleep at night

14 billion eyes

Bo Diddley's penis
hole in a cave
everybody worships it
in a million years

it's a holy relic
it's a holy relic

have you seen the penis hole
of Bo Diddley?

Ronald Reagan's adult diaper
it's a holy relic

let's bury it
it's radioactive

JFK's back brace
it's a holy relic
Track Name: Sheila
what are you waiting for?
got no reason to go out
got no place to call home
why do you try so hard?

got no reason to punch Sheila
she is asking, why do you try?

...she lies
Track Name: Santa Is Gone
guys like you are a dime a dozen

you think the sidewalk was made for you?
well i think the sidewalk was made for me

just for me

of all the people
think they have thoughts
there's one thing
most of them forgot--
and that's they're god

and that's their god

baby you left me
rain on my face

back against the wall
baby you left me
feeling about 1 foot tall

and that's their god

baby you left me
sinking in a swamp

i'm a prisoner
of the german army

and that's their god

baby you left me

lying in the ground

stuck in a tree

burning in my own misery

all the things i never felt

baby you left me

lying in the mud
Track Name: Don't Die On Christmas (Fukushima Snowfall)
snow will fall
on you and i

don't let it get in your eyes

falling down on you

the most important night of your life

don't die on christmas
don't die
don't die
baby please don't die

don't die on christmas
(if thoughts could kill)
fukushima snowfall

we'd like a good surprise

it melts your skin
burns out your eyes

world never ends

it'll make your hair fall out

don't die

it'll make you weak

please don't die

don't die on christmas
please don't die

at least wait until next year

that would bring me down
baby please don't die

don't die on christmas

let me know if you're feeling strange
we'll go to a doctor
he'll perform a biopsy, an x-ray,
and a colonoscopy

don't die on christmas!

baby please don't die...

it's the birthday of jesus!
wait until EASTER!

wait until Easter
and there's a chance
don't die on christmas
that you might come back

don't die on christmas

fukushima snowman fights
fukushima snowball fights

everyone dies
ho ho ho!
merry christmas!
don't die on christmas

baby please don't die

oh it feels so good

of all the days you could choose to die
why did it have to be tonight?
just when i was starting to feel alright
dammit baby you know it why'd you have to die?

the afterlife is very boring
it's sitting around in a room
with magazines forever!

she's coming back
Track Name: Feelings (Touch the Beard)
i got feelin's
you got feelin's
i got feelin's

you've lost your mind

you've got feelin's
i touch feelin's
Track Name: Brainfrost
are you sure you wanna be free?
it means responsibility
it might be easier
to turn on the tv

don't you want it to be easy?
turn off your brain
and think about nothing

chicken wings!
Track Name: Storybook
i wish it would
be as easy
as falling out of a tree

found it in the woods
but no one could read it
except me

see 'em running
across the fields
why they running?

they're running
away from me

i'm so sorry

how are you?
i feel fine

i've been sleeping
i go deep inside
now i'm dreaming
i see you there

why are you hiding?

it's just me and you
here in this barrel
we're gonna go over soon
so let's not quarrel
Track Name: O Sh!t Man (Santa Mantra)
oh shit man
oh shit
fuck it all

oh man
we're going deep
i've got a new submarine

something smells
i don't like it

was it you?
cz it wasn't me

oh shit, man
aw shit

it wasn't me

oh shit man
we're going hella deep
hella deep
hella deep
Track Name: Secret Santa
don't go away