Fun War

by 4Shadows

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"I spent 33 years and four months in active military service and during that period I spent most of my time as a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism." -General Smedley D. Butler


released November 13, 2011

Recorded live at The Vault Seattle
November 13, 2011
Will Kitchen - Jesse Paul Miller - Matt Wainwright - Robert Zverina
Album edit and art by RZ (based on photos courtesy of Wainwright)




4Shadows Seattle, Washington

No brakes. No map. No going back.

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Track Name: Worthy Cause
And now the moment
you've all been waiting for--
we have an announcement:
give us your dollars

it's a worthy cause
it's another bomb

an unruly crowd
reminds me of the ovens
keep them down
cheaper by the dozen

it's a worthy cause
just another bomb

they put him in a corner
because he didn't fit in
he had a dream
he was on a ship
lost at sea
covered in birdshit

it's a worthy cause
Track Name: Thanksgiving
well it's almost Thanksgiving
what are you gonna eat?
well it's almost Thanksgiving
who are you gonna meet?

turkey, stuffing, cranberries,
wild boars
hope you wanna be
a hungry American

Thanksgiving's almost here
you'll see your brother and your uncle
and your ma and your sister

don’t forget the Indians
would want to be your friend
back in 1619--before Mayflower
what are you doing?

who ate all the yams here?
i haven’t had a yam all night
i’ve been walking around saying
where’s my fucking yams?
Track Name: Love Song
selamat datang,

saya cinta mu
Track Name: Smoke
let's cut down those trees
we don't need them to breathe

i don't see what’s the fuss
we don't need wuss forests

clean air will never run out--
i need to boost my bank account

i already have too much
but too much is never enough
Track Name: Brides & Graves
shades of grey
brides & graves
3 cracked plates
--what i saw today
Track Name: Wax Galleon
it was a heavy sea
knocked down all of our equipment
everything fell and broke--
the clock, the compass,
and the sextant

but it came to me in a dream
that i could stand out on deck
i'd let the birds shit on me
and they would guide us to land

don't expect a mutiny
don't expect a mutiny
don't expect a mutiny
there's nothing more to see

they have just taken your gold
and your women
the ghosts of the wax galleon
Track Name: Somebody Talk To Me
somebody talk to me
i'm lonely

why won't you talk to me?
Track Name: Gibbon Take
where's my gibbon?
where's my orangutan?

anybody seen my gibbon?
Track Name: Evaporated Goat
he is kind of funny
he is kind of white

evaporated goat
where did you go?
Track Name: Fun War
it was a fun fun war

this war is superfun
i hope it lasts forever

war is fun

fun war
fun fun war

it was a fun war
it was a fun fun war

war is so fun
it is a fun war

that was fun

it was a fun war
fun fun war

fun war
(that was a blast)

war is fun

fun war
fun fun war

it was a fun war

it was a fun war
it was a fun fun war
Track Name: Sexy Sasquatch
she was a sexy sasquatch
i saw her in a deep forest
hiding behind a radiant shadow
i just had to go and take her hand
i took her down into the valley
to a hippie party

everybody was in the bathtub
naked in love

she was my sexy sasquatch bigfoot
i bought a dress at
the vintage store for her
it had polka dots
and rayon dogtags

she held my hand
and we sat down
she was beautiful
9 feet tall
her hairy brown forehead
screamed its suggestions to me
we went to The Cave
i bought her a beer
then i tried to fondle her
she was... ? ? ? ? ?

na na na too that’s hod in
in the swimming pool
she was my sexy bigfoot
i liked her so much

remote i tell you now
in the park at night
sexy bigfoot
(get with the program!)
sexy bigfoot
sexy bigfoot

when our date was over
i took her back home
she took her dress off
i returned her into
the viridian shadow

i kissed her hand
and i took her dress
to the vintage store
sexy bigfoot
goodbye sexy bigfoot
Track Name: Disaster
my head
lighter than air
ready to burn

my stomach
sinking feeling

my legs
Twin Towers!
rigged to collapse
out from under

i'm a disaster
about to happen
...waiting my turn
Track Name: Been There Done That
been. there. done. that.

i had my heart broken in half
been there, done that

got beaten by the high school quarterback
i been there, done that

i saw my future fade to black
i been there, done that

i read about politician's heart attack
i been there, done that

my cocker spaniel slipped into quicksand
i been there, done that

been there, done that
Track Name: Stare Into Space
what about your life?
what you doing with it right now?

staring off into space
your life--what you wanna do?

just stare into space
all the time
get paid to stare into space

your life -- c'mon!
stare into space

space will stare into you
it will stare into you, baby

stare into space
Track Name: Cog (machine machine)
my dad was in the military
go Army! go Army!

one thing i like about the military
they knew how to treat me

i like to be a cog in the machine
everyone is counting on me

i like to be a cog in the machine
i spent my time
watching TV
it taught me
how to be

i spend my time
watching TV
it teaches me
how to be

my dad was in the Army
he taught me to hate the Navy
we're all in it together, i see
we're cogs in the same machine

machine, machine

i was told that i'm free
free to be
a cog in the machine

it's not very smart
to be a fucking part
you want to be the best you can be
the best part in the machine
in the machine

machine, machine
Track Name: Start Our Own Country
tonight we start our own country:

free beer thursdays
naked ladies on the bus in the morning
and, also, free popcorn on the ferryboat

is that too much to ask?
is that too much to fucking ask?
it's my country, too, you know!

alright alright alright
it's gonna be alright

if you don't believe me
go back to your caves
Track Name: Repent Nor Refrain
Christ, i forgot to turn off the stove
and the iron... open flame!
a candle, the drapes

i forgot and now i don't got nothin’
sometimes -- ha! -- i dream
about the end of you and me

it feels so free
to see everything
you thought you needed
go up in an allegory -- poof!

Christ, i forgot
i don't count any loss
but lately i have a warm theory
i feel like you need

if i didn't even have a body
there'd be a devils' party
there'd be no more you and me
there would be no more
you and me

there'd be no more you and me
there'd be just one
and that one would be free

Christ, i forgot
i don't count my loss

look in your mirror
do you see... me?
Track Name: Dedi's Ghost
you guys want to hear a ghost story?

i was asleep in a room
that had known someone else's glory

a lamp burst into flames
i had felt it before that
and then it came
and i don't know
if it was the ghost
of my grandfather
trying to warn me
or was he after me?
wanted to see me
and have me join him

i blew the flame of the lamp out
that could have caused a conflagration

that would have killed
everyone sleeping in that house

was he trying to warn/harm me
or did he want me to join him
in the place where
no one has a body?
Track Name: We Go Crazy
got a feeling
somewhere strange
doing something

i see your face
in the moon
i see your eyes
in the sun

we go crazy
we grow lazy
we grow lazy
we go crazy

there is a place
no one else knows about
i can't get out of bed
as long as you're there with me

it's alright
it was something that i said
let's go crazy

the sun is in your eyes
...and i apologize
for not getting it quite right
Track Name: Going To Russia
i'm going to Russia
i'm going to Moscow

remember that band?
ah uh oh huh ha ho

see you guys--
i'm going to Russia